ATTENTION: Baseball Players, Parents, and Coaches… 

"Coaching Kids the 108 Way from The Comfort of Your Couch!" ⚾🏠

Hear our very own Will Marshall take the stage at Bridge for the first time and share:

  • How 108 Performance was able to make lemons out of lemonade when we had to shut our shop down back in March and go remote with over 40 different athletes 🍋
  • Dive into the movement work, drills, cues, and sensations that helped our athletes get the best results they’ve ever had

  • How a fishing metaphor will completely change how you think of your role as a coach 🎣
  • Three powerful teaching points that will help you simplify how you teach movement for pitchers and hitters
  • How you can use what we’ve learned from 2020 to get the best results you’ve ever gotten with your players from the comfort of your couch

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