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If your looking for an 8 week velocity program, you should go to a different website or facility. Everyone wants the quick fix today when the reality is, developing arm strength is hard work. Every individual is built with with a different movement profile, different length of levers and a different degree of proprioception. As a result of those differences, everyone needs different thoughts, drills, and cues to find connection in their body to increase the efficiency of their throwing pattern. Developing clean, connected and efficient movement patterns is where velocity training starts. It's a process and by focusing and obsessing over that process, results come. We have been studying, executing and revamping velocity development programs for a long time. We have garnered a National reputation as one of the leaders in the industry for a reason. We consult for MLB organizations and coaches. We have been featured speakers at Pitch-A-Palooza often regarded as the best coaching convention in the country. All of these things have happened for one simple reason, we get results. If you want to work hard, if you want real training and your looking to develop velocity, then your in the right place.
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We utilize the latest in sports technology to research and develop better ways to train and prepare our athletes. If you can't stay healthy, you can't perform and arm injuries are increasing every year. In Southern California it's extremely common due to the amount of Baseball and the amount of elite arms we see. This has given us a unique cross section of the game to work with and study. Through our partnership with Movement First located in Newport Beach, we have access to a Physical Therapy facility with a full Biomechancis lab. M1 is outfitted with a state of the art markerless 3d MoCap system and force plates. More importantly, M1 has brilliant physical therapists and an amazing Biomechanist. Through our collaborative work we have been able to legitimately access injury risk and successfully rehab players with arm issues. We have players flying in to 108 from all over the country to throw healthier.



108 Performance is a Baseball Research and Training Facility Located in Southern California. At the 108 Lab, we utilize the latest in sports technology to research and develop new ways to train and prepare our athletes.


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