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These secrets are easy to use even if you hate technology, get overwhelmed by data, or have never read a book on biomechanics in your life!

Eugene Bleecker
From: Eugene Bleecker
Baseball’s Leader In Modern Player Development


If you’re looking for simple ways to develop your players… and don’t want to miss out on the latest training advances… without spending countless hours studying data, biomechanics, or learning new technologies… then you can’t miss out on this opportunity.

Here’s the story:

As you know, 108 Performance has a reputation as a leader in player development in baseball for cutting-edge training methods. Our client list includes a who’s who of MLB teams, and our high-performance coaches work with top pro, college, and youth players.

We’ve been looking for a simple way to quickly distill our knowledge for busy coaches like you who can sometimes feel overwhelmed at having to process the growing mountain of new training data and information out there. 

Well, here it is.


“The 108 Way”
An Online Player Development Mentorship Program

What’s inside is like a PhD in coaching and developing players…. minus the hefty price tag and the long hours spent scouring the internet and scrolling social media.

First, if you have any of our other courses or products – this is VERY different.  The Old School vs. New School book and our hitting/pitching courses go deep into the WHY and the WHAT – with just a taste of the HOW – of what 108 does to get athletes to perform at their best.

But our Online Player Development Mentorship Program shows you

Exactly What You Need To Train and Coach Your Players ‘The 108 Way’!

We’re dead serious about this, too.

Inside the members area of your 108 Performance Membership, you’ll get access to a number of short videos featuring very specific drills and education related to hitting, pitching, progressions and regressions, data technology, and Movement & Performance – all neatly organized by category, so you can easily find the information you need at your fingertips…anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Think of it as having Eugene and the gang in your pocket as your virtual hitting and pitching coaches and player development coordinators!

And besides the athletes and coaches who have visited one of our high-performance facilities, almost nobody knows these simple (yet highly advanced) secrets even exist.

Here’s a glimpse of the perks you get with your 108 Performance Membership:

  • A simple list of hitting and pitching drills we use in-house to get our athletes to perform at their highest level (These drills are straightforward and don’t require fancy equipment… They’re 100% tested and proven… and you will probably never hear about these anywhere else!)
  • Specific and very strategic “cues” and “feels” we use with players to help them almost instantly create in-game results (When you understand these seemingly small things, it becomes almost unbelievably easy to replicate the basics of movement needed to generate power and control!)
  • An exclusive look into the progressions and regressions we teach our athletes – including top MLB players – for maximum skill transfer and real results (Believe it or not, using these top-secret techniques with one pro allowed us to help him make more improvements to his game in five days then he’d experienced in the previous five years!)
  • Breakthrough solutions for using various technologies to get feedback on how players are moving and how it affects the ball leaving the hand/bat (Best part: these “insider” secrets work even if you’re a technophobe!  If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed at figuring out how to use all this new technology to help your players, this powerful section could be the answer you’ve been waiting for!)
  • Unprecedented access to behind the scenes talks with big leaguers and other coaches about various hitting and pitching topics (Called #The108Way, this section is a rabbit hole of untapped treasures, all about what’s working for our athletes, what’s not working and what we can do to keep getting better)  
  • A quickie “dictionary” to understanding the hitting and pitching language we use at 108 (If you don’t understand what we mean by the words we use, we’ll never develop a shared understanding.  But this goes deeper than that; you’ll know at a glance how each concept helps individual players and how to communicate it so you can more easily coach them)
  • What you need to know about arm health and how this knowledge will revolutionize the way you prepare your players (Good movement is the answer to the epidemic of arm injuries in baseball. In the sections on arm care and patterning, you’ll find pre-throwing and post-throwing exercises that’ll ensure your pitchers throw harder, healthier and recover faster by maximizing the efficiency of their throwing mechanics)
  • Full length videos of Eugene’s and Joey’s presentations at Bridge The Gap (If you don’t know, BTG is our annual teaching summit and is already one of the premier events in baseball, attended by representatives of all 30 MLB teams!  In the videos, you’ll get a rare inside look at Joey’s training process for Ryan Court of the Mariners, and Eugene’s work with Brandon Dixon of the Tigers)
  • Secret techniques for boosting your players’ strength and performance (In this series of videos, our experts dive into Movement and Performance pulling back the curtains for the first time to reveal how we help our players become better “rotational athletes” that move better, throw and hit harder, and stay healthy)
  • Unlimited access to our private, invitation-only VIP Facebook group (Inside the group, you’ll be able to post your questions and have them quickly answered by one of 108’s high-performance coaches. You’ll also be “plugged in” to all our latest methods, discoveries, and new advances as we continue working with our players on a daily basis!)

We could go on and on.

And we’re adding new, cutting-edge content all the time.

But here’s the bottom line:

Your 108 Way Membership gives you access to elite training videos, drills, and education that will get your players REAL in game results much easier and faster than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re resistant to technology or aren’t super clear on all this biomechanics and data “stuff” yet.

With these techniques, and our ongoing support inside both the membership site and the Facebook group, you’ll…

Never be left wondering how to help your players reach their full potential!

 Instead, it’ll be like having the “brain-trust” at 108 in your back pocket whenever you need it.

“The 108 Way” Online Mentorship Program
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Do you really want to look back and know that you could have joined one of the best baseball services on the market for less than $2 per day? This could be the coaching unlock you NEED to take your players to the next level this season!