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Hitting & Pitching Performance Evaluation

Get a full and comprehensive analysis from our staff on what's holding you back from being your best:

  • Why your pain isn’t an accident, but a message to your body where you are inefficient
  • How you stack up against our Key Movement Indicators that we’ve identified from the best hitters and throwers in the game
  • Why your success – or lack of – on the field is directly related to your movement solutions in the box and on the mound 
  • What we’ve learned from working with over 3,000 hitters and throwers from all levels of the game
  • Immediate and actionable strategies that are designed to help you start getting transfer 

Purchase Includes:

108 Performance Level One Course Access


  • The story of 108 and how we grew from the ground to build two separate facilities in Southern California with a wait list of over 200 players
  • Characteristics we’ve identified from some of the best hitters this game has ever seen
    • If you’ve ever been taught to “rotate more” or “stay inside” the baseball, you need to hear what we’ve discovered
  • Solving the arm epidemic: How a 15-year old kid throwing 94 mph taught us about a critical breakthrough in arm health that’s helped completely transform how we train pitchers
    • If you’re a pitcher and you have chronic pain when you throw, you probably don’t do this
  • Busting myths around pitch counts, weighted baseballs, workload, and other hot concepts we believe most people get wrong 
    • There are a lot of other ways to build sustainable velocity that don’t just involve throwing weighted baseballs
  • Getting you up to speed with the language, concepts, and principles we believe in at 108 Performance
    • You do one of them every single day of your life. You’ve just never seen how it relates to hitters and throwers.

Full In-Depth Video Analysis

Get undivided time with our team at the shop so we observe and figure out:

  • Your strengths and the things that make you really good on the field
  • Where you’re losing energy and how it’s contributing to your lack of performance
    • The magic is in the movement. If we want to create changes, we have to start here.
  • What you think you’re supposed to do when you hit or throw
    • It’s not often what you see that’s the problem. It’s what we think we’re supposed to do that creates it.
  • How your routines are either helping or hurting your ability to perform
    • You might think a certain drill is helping you, but it needs to help you move better. If it’s not, it’s hurting you. 

When we have a good understanding of who you are as a player and what’s holding you back, it’s time to try some things.


  • How a simple change in thought or a different perception on what you’re trying to do can have huge impacts on your swing and delivery
    • You can’t blame your body for a problem that started in the brain
  • How the right cue can get you in tune with a movement inefficiency that is sapping you of power and performance
    • We’ve seen kids 4-5 mph instantly when given the right unlock 
  • Demonstations designed to help you feel good movement vs. bad movement 
    • If you can’t feel the difference, it’s not going to make a difference 

Interested in doing an evaluation with us? Send us an email with the following information below:

  • Your first and last name
  • Age, grade, current school, and city you live in
  • How did you find out about 108?
  • Pitcher, hitter, or both?
  • Objective measurable (e.g. velocity, stats)
  • What are your goals for training with us? (e.g. velocity, pain, command, contact, power)
  • Previous training history (if applicable)
  • Have you been through our book, courses, or mentorship?

A member of our staff will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours.