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How To “Tap Into” The Movement Patterns of Elite Hitters and Pitchers To Make Your Players


NEW Video Training Reveals The Key Movement Indicators You Need To Help Your Players Perform Better And Stay Healthier…Even If You Know Nothing About Biomechanics!

Eugene Bleecker
From: Eugene Bleecker
Baseball’s Leader In Modern Player Development


If you’d like to know a simple way to quickly assess and fix player issues… and use the latest research to help players of all ages throw and hit harder while staying healthier… and do it all without having to get a fancy biomechanics degree… then here’s how we are doing it.

And, how you can too using the information in this letter.

Here’s the story:

My name is Eugene Bleecker.

I’m the Founder and Director of Player Development with 108 Performance.  Our client list includes many MLB teams, and many of our athletes are currently playing at the highest levels of collegiate and professional baseball.  For more than a decade, I’ve worked with thousands of players of all ages, using the latest technology and sports science research to test and refine our methods.  My best-selling book Old School vs. New School is a revolutionary new framework for training players that integrates insights from both the old school ‘feel’ generation and new school data.

Here’s why this is important for you:

As a coach, you’ve got many pressures.

You’re charged with the success of your team and developing your players.  You’ve got facility limitations, time restraints, budgets, and staff restrictions.  You know your players can benefit from the latest methods in motor learning, skill acquisition, and biomechanics, but you wonder, “How do I implement this stuff into my program?”

What’s worse, with the “data revolution” in baseball…

There’s More Information Than Ever…
But Less TRUTH!

It’s hard to know where to turn to get the answers you need.

You want a simple framework for what you as coach need to know about hitting or pitching and human movement to not only get you up to speed, but put you ahead of everybody else.

Introducing our new video training series:

The 108 Performance Hitting & Pitching Level 1 Online Video Courses

You can order them together or separately.

(Both include my Foundational Movement Course which reveals the “big rocks” of how we evaluate player movement here at 108.)

They’re designed with you in mind… to quickly bring you up to speed with the latest research, but in simple terms that can be understood by any coach, even if you’ve never so much as read an article on biomechanics!

(And if you’re already somewhat versed in the science, this course will bring you to an entirely new level.)

A caveat: in my signature style, there’s no fluff.

I’m a straight shooter.

But it’s packed to the brim with cutting edge information you can use to help your players as soon as today.  Once you get the basics of movement down, all you need to do is watch out for our proven Key Movement Indicators (KMI’s), and use the cues we suggest to help your players improve.

You don’t need to spend months reconstructing their swing or trying to change their mobility.

And you don’t need to decode a bunch of scientific jargon.

Best part?

You can…

Learn These Secrets At Absolutely No Risk… Even FREE, If You Choose! 🤯

More on that in a minute.

First, here’s a sneak preview of what you’re going to learn inside the Pitching Level 1 video training:

  • What you need to know about “reciprocal movement”, and how that knowledge will let you more easily “diagnose” what’s going on with your players (This is foundational to how the human body moves and therefore foundational to good hitting and pitching. Understanding this one simple concept will make every coaching decision much easier!)
  • The “Biotensegrity” effect in the body – accidentally discovered by an orthopedic surgeon – that contains the single, critical key to unlocking the potential in your players 💥 (When your players learn how to create tension and tensile strength – which isn’t hard, using our key movement indicators – they’ll not only hit and throw harder, but they’ll be less susceptible to injury!)
  • Why the magic in movement is not “the engine” or energy generated through a swing or a pitch, instead it’s in “the brakes” (This “stopping” ability is not only one of the most amazing skills in sports… It’s a very natural movement that the body knows how to get out of itself and you can easily get out of your players!)
  • The simple understanding that will forever change how you look at pitching and hitting ⚾️ (and make coaching players much easier and simpler!)
  • The surprising reason why even the best tools or drills aren’t always responsible for results (or lack of results) (Take the connection ball for example: if you’ve ever wondered why some players use it and instantly get better while others get zero benefit, here’s why… Knowing this will help you better leverage the tools to create results in your players.)
  • Why most issues are manmade and how better movement solves almost any problem relating to arm health, velocity, and spin (It’s not just the positions that players get into but how they move through those positions that counts. Let our Key Movement Indicators do most of the work for you!)
  • How the best make it look ‘easy’, ‘effortless’, ‘like they aren’t even trying’ (HINT: This is NOT because they’re just freaks! These are very deliberate and very practiced movement patterns they are doing.)
  • Why all the current hoopla in the game about hip/shoulder separation could be making players worse! 👈
  • Arm Efficiency: Why shortstops become great pitchers… Why the common injunction from coaches to “throw over the top” is the worst advice in baseball and most responsible for injuries…PLUS: undeniable video evidence of…

How The Game’s Nastiest Pitchers “Unpack” Their Throwing Arm For Maximum Effectiveness While Staying Healthy!

Let’s rewind that last tip for a second.

Arm injuries have increased over 250% in the past 10 years during a time where player participation in Baseball has dropped 27%. UCL injuries have risen to what some would call epidemic proportions at 193% over a 10-year period.

We’re now seeing 13-year-olds getting Tommy John surgery! 😳

There are more tools and programs for arm injuries than ever.

Yet they’re STILL increasing.

Something doesn’t add up.

In the section of the video on Arm Injuries, we’re going to demystify all that once and for all, debunk the biggest throwing myths, and share with you how we keep our athletes healthy, even as they throw harder and more often!  

All of the above is why it’s probably some of the most important information for coaches you’ll see anywhere.

And I’m just getting warmed up!

Here are a few MORE secrets you’ll find inside the videos:

  • The single most important Key Movement Indicator for pitching success (Most players get this wrong. Watch the video to see a simple way to understand how to quickly get maximum energy transfer – and therefore velocity – out of your pitchers!)
  • The 5 biggest energy leaks that absolutely tank a pitcher’s average MPH (These common mistakes – which are simple to correct once you understand them – are also what cause the arm to overwork, fatigue faster, and get injured… and based on what you’ve probably heard, #3 will surprise you!)
  • A scientifically proven way to repair a pitcher’s faulty delivery by working on his lower half (We cover the movement of the arm as well.  But sometimes it’s as simple fixing his foundation to let the energy transfer more effectively throughout his throw.)
  • How to unleash more velocity just by slightly changing your pitcher’s toe position at a very specific point in the throw! 🦶 (Wait until you see these pictures! You’ll discover how some of the hardest throwers in the game use this make throwing heat look almost effortless!)
  • A real life insight into how to almost instantly help your pitchers move better without improving their mobility!  (This is a game-changer.  And it’s a much easier fix than spending an entire off season or six months trying to “fix” someone’s mobility.)
  • The honest, no BS truth about stride directions and what we may be doing as coaches that is ruining careers!
  • Two simple steps to helping ANY player achieve a breakthrough (A rare video with Felipe Vasquez where he reveals the “punch” secret that perfected his delivery shows you exactly how this works!)
  • A photo of Randy Johnson that proves you should forget everything you think you know about stride length! (Also, when a player should NOT try to gain stride length)
  • The big lie around hip/shoulder separation (We’re seeing this A LOT right now; guys are trying to gain hip/shoulder separation but they’re going about it all wrong, losing velocity, and getting injured!) 
  • Gerrit Cole, Pedro Martinez: the ideal position to be in at front foot plant to allow the body to unwind efficiently! 🌪 (When your pitchers learn to capture rotational force like this, watch the velocity flow right out of them… and with way less effort, too!)
  • Why the back side has just as much to do with “blocking” as the front side (All we hear is ‘front side, front side, front side’… the single, critical key to effectively blocking… one of my biggest breakthroughs in coaching was when I realized tension must be pulled out from the back side!)
  • The single, most powerful “cure” for more velocity, direction and command (This is perhaps THE most important thing you can focus on as a coach to keep your arms healthy. If you have guys who can’t find the zone, this is the first place you should check!) 🔥
  • 5 bad arm spirals that not only “deflate” all the power in your release but are almost certain to cause pain and flare-ups!
  • A single, little-used secret that lets your pitchers gain 5-6 mph simply by lowering their arm slot!  (The key to the current arm injury epidemic is watching for good positions when we evaluate our pitchers.  This tip shows you where the arm needs to be to capture the most rotational energy with the least amount of effort.)
  • Why the idea that “recoil” is caused by weak decelerators is a TOTAL MYTH! (And why instead it shows that the facial kinematic chain is working. We’ve had guys go from 88mph to 93mph in a single bullpen by adding recoil!  This section of the video tells you when it’s a good idea to test this. VERY eye-opening!)
  • and much, much more!

That’s just some of what’s inside the Pitching Level 1 Course.

The hitting course is packed with actionable strategies, tips and ‘cues’ that will help you get the most out of your swing… no matter how big you are!

Here’s a quick overview of…

What's Inside The Hitting Level 1 Course:

  • 5 Key Movement Indicators (KMI’s) that let you quickly pinpoint the true underlying cause of almost any detrimental hitting symptoms (With these KMI’s,  never again will you be in doubt about what to do to help your players! You’ll also be able to quickly identify “energy leaks” that are preventing your athlete from achieving optimal results.)
  • Why data isn’t the “end all, be all” and can actually send us chasing after the wrong thing! (Data and technology must be taken with a grain of salt… coaches of the future are going to have a really good understanding of a multi-disciplinary perspective and take things from a broad 10,000-ft view.)
  • Why coaches MUST understand basic biomechanics to improve performance and minimize injury! (And how new school “integrated” approaches can easily inform our choices when it comes to helping our players.)
  • The pattern all of the greatest hitters throughout history all have in common (See video of Ernie Banks, Miguel Cabrera, Hank Aaron, Mike Trout, Stanton, Ripken, Kris Bryant – the list goes on.  Here’s how to “program” your hitters with these Hall of Fame swing mechanics.)
  • The simple understanding that will change your life and makes everything you do as a coach that much easier!  (As soon as you fully grasp THIS, you’ll be miles ahead when it comes to addressing the actual cause vs. the symptoms of any swing or arm issues in your players)
  • The biggest – and maybe most common – mistake many coaches make that is destroying their players ability to hit and produce in games when it counts (and the surprising stat MLB clubs swear by to ensure you never make the same mistake!)
  • The one and only, proven, effective way to produce more force using less speed (Benefit #2: With less speed, you can also have more accuracy and adaptability!)
  • How even statements that are inaccurate can help hitters produce the right result 🤔 (e.g. “Let the pitcher do the work… We know from science that how hard the pitcher throws is not responsible for the exit velocity but sometimes this thought helps hitter stay tight and be shorter to the ball.)
  • Feel vs. Real: Why A-Rod was actually RIGHT when he said his barrel was above his hands! (This is one of the best lessons I can drive home for you. He had so much proprioceptive feel that he knew what he needed to do despite any evidence to the contrary! Don’t miss this.)
  • The 5 things that determine what the degree of posture should be for any hitter (This is how hitters can drive balls in different parts of the zone and still be successful)
  • How to get your hitter to take better swings by telling him to do the opposite of what you want him to do!
  • 5 still shots of big leaguers hitting home runs at the point of front foot stride (What the best hitters do that lets them generate more power and better adjust to off speed pitches)
  • 4 side-view still shots of big leaguers hitting home runs at the point of front foot stride 📸 (and the #1 thing these all have in common… PLUS: how to reproduce this effect with your players!)
  • A simple, 3-second “trick” that once caused 12 of our athletes to PR in two days! (Trust me, I know how crazy that sounds! But it’s 100% true. It won’t happen like this every time, but when you understand the main principles of movement, and you’re willing to test different “cues” with your players, this is what CAN happen!)
  • “So simple even a kindergartener can do it.” (We show you real footage of a 4-year-old swinging a bat and how it relates to proper biomechanics in your player’s swing… proving the patterning we need is natural and very instinctive but often gets coached out of our players!)
  • and much, much more…

So, here’s the deal:

Players and coaches have traveled from all over the country and paid thousands to learn these secrets in one of our training facilities. This course details our proprietary methods and simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Today, you won’t need to invest thousands…

You don’t even need to pay $500.

Right now, you can take advantage of our…

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You can get unlimited, lifetime, instant access to both the Hitting and Pitching Level 1 courses at the introductory price of just $597 $297.

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Both courses include the Foundations Course and are easy to access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

You’re getting all of my most advanced secrets.

Plus you’re getting the Key Movement Indicators you can “plug in” as soon as today to start seeing results with your players.

And you have absolutely no risk thanks to…

My “Straight Shooter” Guarantee! 👊

Look, I don’t mess around. I’m not going to waste your time.

Grab the course today and use the Key Movement Indicators with your players. If, at any point during the next 12 months you don’t think it’s every bit as good as I say it is… if it doesn’t almost instantly make your players better… then simply send us an email and we’ll send you a full and prompt refund.

No questions asked.

I don’t want you to feel like you have to explain yourself.

You’ll either love this training…

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Simple as that.

In that sense, you can learn all of this for free, if you choose.

This is your opportunity to learn state-of-the-art coaching techniques being used by our big league clients at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t miss it!

P.S. It’s inadequate movement that limits careers and ruins athletic potential.

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