ATTENTION: The Biggest Player Development Event of 2020… ⚾

Virtually Blending the Old School with the New School for the First Time Ever

4th Annual
Bridge the Gap Convention


Join us as we uncover the sphere of truth when it comes to player development through:


⚾️ Skill Acquisition & Development: Learn about the process and complexities when it comes to building a  new skill, refining it through practice, and challenging it so it sticks when the lights turn on. There are no quick fixes when it comes to redesigning a swing or arm, but it can be done if you take the right approach to it.

⚾️ Strength, Movement, & Performance: Figure out how you can expand your toolbox when it comes to movement development and understand the role the weight room plays in targeting specific movement deficiencies. There’s a whole lot more to strength training than just getting “stronger.”

⚾️ Data & Technology: Know what to look for and how to find the right information so you can use data and technology to leverage your coaching interactions and get results. The best coaches before data will be the best coaches after it – learn how the best are using it to make players better.

⚾️ Biomechanics: Discover the foundational movement principles all humans share and know what to look for when you’re searching for these principles within the context of sport. The numbers you see are the result of specific movement patterns, but don’t get caught chasing numbers when you don’t understand the context behind them.

⚾️ Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy: Learn the science behind the current injury outbreaks in baseball and understand what you can do as coaches to make sure your athletes stay on the field and return to it as safely as possible.

⚾️ Online Training: We’ve all been forced to operate remotely with players to some extent over the past several months. Learn how coaches have been getting insane results using virtual training and how you can make the most out of yours, too.

Learn from the best in the business:👇

Keynote Speaker

Andy McKay

Seattle Mariners


Jerry Weinstein

Colorado Rockies

Greg Rose

TPI, OnBaseU

Lantz Wheeler

Core Velocity Belt

Stuart McMillan


Jimmy Buffi

Reboot Motion

Dan Pfaff


Eugene Bleecker

108 Performance

Coach Eugene

Emily Ferree

Movement First

Kevin Davidson & Jon Updike

Baseball Cloud

Tyler White

Gestalt Performance

Darin Everson

Colorado Rockies

Ken Crenshaw

Arizona Diamondbacks

Evan Wise & John Hendricks

Wake Forest

Bobby Tewksbary & Chris Colabello


Bryan Peters

Long Beach State

Zach Dechant


Fred Corral

University of Missouri

Joey Cunha

The Farm System

Rick Strickland

Strickland Hitting

Ryan McMillan

OKC Cages

Will Marshall

108 Performance

Wes McGuire

Florida Baseball Ranch

Trevor Burmeister

Colorado Rockies

Matt Swope

University of Maryland

Colter Bostick

Maximized Baseball

Nathan Garza

Oral Roberts University

Anthony Gomez

PRP Baseball

Colter Bostick

Maximized Baseball

Nathan Garza

Oral Roberts University

🚨Including Three Bonus Panels🚨


⚾ Greg Rose

⚾ Emily Ferree

⚾ Jimmy Buffi

MLB Executives

⚾ Bobby Basham, Director of Player Development Chicago Cubs

⚾ Josh Boyd, Assistant General Manager Texas Rangers

⚾ Don Wakamatsu, Bench Coach Texas Rangers

⚾ Donnie Ecker, Hitting Coach San Francisco Giants

⚾ Brian DeLunas, previous Bench Coach Seattle Mariners

MLB Players

⚾ Trevor Cahill

⚾ Marc Rzepczynski

⚾ Tyson Ross

⚾ Cesar Ramos

⚾ Ricky Romero

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