Here’s The Deal…

With the game of Baseball evolving at such a rapid pace it can be hard to know what information to use, but even harder to figure out how to use it. Bridge The Gap was created to blend Old School Wisdom with New School Innovation. This setting will provide you with a digestible understanding of how the data and technology applies to the field. Additionally, this event will provide applicable information that will pertain to your organization/program with the ability to ask questions and interact with our guest speakers throughout the weekend-long event. 
Bridge The Gap has had amazing growth over the last two years and strive to continue to move Baseball forward, together. We have compiled a collection of some of the brightest minds in Baseball player development, flying in from all over the country to share ideas and spread a wealth of knowledge to the Baseball community.
 Last year we had over 100 attendees, including representatives from all 30 MLB teams, and multitude of coaches from every other sector of Baseball. Originally this event was solely focused on hitting, but due to the overwhelming response and valued connections we have made within the entire sports training community, we have since opened it up to S&C, Movement and Pitching.

Here's What To Expect

    • Develop depth to your coaching tool box while embracing the Old School and combining it with New School innovation.
    • Learn tangible training techniques while we bridge the gap of theoretical concepts with applicable training approaches.
    • Fascia , Fascia, Fascia! What is it and how does it apply to baseball? 
    • You will learn about the failures of current biomechanics research and the 300 year old unproven theory they use to understand human movement! (The most interesting part of this failure is that the research that can help “fill in the blanks” is already there and has been for quite some time)
    • The Live Demos will help you discover the who, what, when, where, why and how’s of the particular teaching techniques from some of the most prestigious Coaches in the World.
    • Weighted balls: useful tools or an injury waiting to happen? (The answer will probably surprise you… More often than not, these are applied incorrectly… Discover the unique way 108 has incorporated weighted balls to their protocols and what it’s doing for their players)
    • Take a front seat to the process 108 Performance takes their athletes through and discover how they are creating results.
    • Discover how some of the top S&C/Movement Specialist are utilizing time in the strength/performance rooms to correlate with on field performance.
    • Learn from Doctors and Biomechanists about how 108 Performance’s training techniques have reduced risk of injury and created efficiency while all at the same time increasing force production.
    • Discover the exact step by step process coaches have used to create movement adaptions with professional clientele.
    • Learn about the incredible new science of “Biotensegrity” and how it helps smaller or weaker players hit or throw a ball harder than other more physically developed athletes.
    • An MLB organization took 5 years attempting to change how this player moved. Discover how 108 created adaptations in under 5 days and led this professional athlete to career highs.

Seattle Mariners Director of Player Development

Due to an onset of amazing feedback and success from last years Bridge The Gap, Andy McKay, Seattle Mariners Director of Player Development, was our Keynote speaker for the 2nd year in a row.

We brought together some of the brightest minds in the game of Baseball to share information, drills, techniques, and how to implement them into a team or individual setting. Take a look at the list of some of the speakers we had the privilege of hosting this year:
We also had demonstrations and presentations from the following companies sharing their latest projects:

As coaches, we have limited educational resources and look forward to events like Pitch-A-Palooza and the ABCA every year so we can capture information to help make ourselves and our players better. Lack of information is no longer an issue. The problem lies with coaches and player development staff having trouble interpreting and implementing the information with their players.