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What editing newspapers taught me about hitting

Just because we have more time doesn't mean we use it well

The dangerous game we start to play when data loses context​

We were warned over 40 years ago

How a recent March Madness matchup illustrates a changing landscape in hoops

And how baseball helped create it

The dangerous game we start to play when data loses context​

We were warned over 40 years ago

The "New School" Cookie Cutter Approach

"New" tools can't mask "old" techniques

Bridge the Gap 2021 Highlights

Recapping some of the best moments and conversations from the weekend

You need to hear what this NFL All-Pro WR said

"Players ask me for drills, and I'm always like..."

Affordances: Making more pitches look "hit-able"

Is it a vision problem, or a swing problem?

The Product Designed to Bust this Common Myth

We are everything without the ground. The ground is nothing without us.

Did your pitchers get "vaccinated" this offseason?

No, not that vaccine

How baseball fell victim to a mistake made during World War II

Remember the throwers who were suffering from a specific clinical "limitation?"

Don't Blink: How a failed NFL career illustrates the ultimate hitting constraint

We don't know we need it until we run out of it

What shooting a gun can teach us about pitching

It makes more sense when you think of it like this

Our antidote to this human bias we've all experienced

What seems like a people problem is often a situation problem...

Video Highlights from BTG20

Hear from Andy McKay, Zach Dechant, Rick Strickland, and Nathan Garza

Video Highlights from BTG20: Part II

Hear from Donnie Ecker, Brian DeLunas, Fred Corral, Bobby Basham and Ken Crenshaw

These two hitters are tearing up the 2021 MLB Postseason

For everything they don't share, they both do one thing really well

The closest thing biomechanically to elite MLB players

It's not what you think

Making players better by making them...worse?

The key to learning isn't just knowing what's good, but what's not so good

Lukas Diehm: Summer Internship Recap

Lessons learned from my time with 108

What "The Office" can teach us about crafting more powerful messages

"Can you explain this to me like I'm five?"

The "equipment" you don't know is weighing you down

It's not that easy to let go of, either...

What basketball's "Moneyball" should warn us about the future of baseball

"Old school" eyes often see what "new school" data cannot

The parallels between skill acquisition & this common driving mistake

The pitfalls of our brain's natural tendency to throw tasks on autopilot

What a 1994 NYPD mistake can teach us about coaching

Why "ghost victories" allude us into a false sense of success

Bat to Ball Principles: The Importance of Spacing

Several strategies great hitters use to produce consistent, quality contact

What cracking a towel can teach us about hitting & pitching

A new way to look at something you've never thought about before

What opening a pickle jar can teach us about Separation

We've been calling it hip to shoulder separation, but is it really shoulder to hip?

Gerrit Cole is back

His second season in pinstripes might be his best one yet

Everyone can kickback, but not everyone needs to

There's one thing everyone needs to do, however...

Four "Magic Tricks" to Try

They won't work for everyone, but one will be magic for someone

Why you Need to Train In-Season

Don't let all your work this winter go to waste

We Got it Backwards

We're making things important because we can measure them, not...

Why your best arms might not be pitchers

Probably because they don't train like pitchers...

Biotensegrity: Part I

What you need to know as a coach

Biotensegrity: Part II

Putting the principles into action

The only thing you can do wrong as a coach

Don't make this critical mistake

Coaches and GPS Systems

Your role is a lot like what you use for directions

Mass... doesn't equal Gas?

Part 1: It's not that simple...

Mass... doesn't equal Gas?

Part 2: Breaking down the "outliers"

Mass... doesn't equal Gas?

Part 3: Adding mass the right way

Coaching using Analogies

10 of our favorites you can start using with your players today!

Movement, Command, and Creating a Competitive Advantage

Bridge the Gap Recap Part II

Data, Efficiency, and Asymmetries

Bridge the Gap Recap Part III

Viruses, Tipping Points, & How one Video Completely Changed Baseball

For better, or for worse...

Shapes, Sequencing, & Context

Bridge the Gap Recap Part I

Why No One is Talking About One of Baseball's Biggest Stories

Bigger than Baseball

Robbie Ray's Changes & Why "Shorter" is NOT Always Better

Bear Bryant, Gerrit Cole, and Dynamic Adjustability

The Curious Case of Marcell Ozuna

What Happened to Matt Harvey?

How Falling Behind Can Get You Ahead

Jake Arrieta: From fringe big leaguer to Cy Young winner

Deductive Reasoning on Overload/Underload Training

Forcing Movement Solutions: Tyler Kolek and Mike Soroka

The Mobility Myth & Reverse Engineering from the Skill

Finding the Source, Common Ground, & Exaggerating the Problem

Trout vs. Harper: What makes Trout so good?

Why one of baseball's "generational athletes" has lived up to the hype and the other has not

Why Sprinters are Elite Rotators

The Pitfalls of Separation

Let the Research Catch up to Us

The Case Against Pitch Design

The Paradox of Symmetry & Our Education Problem

What We Can Learn from Neil deGrasse Tyson

Issues with Still Shots & Learning from Skateboarders

The Problem with Our Current Education System

Five Tools

Adaptations are not Limitations

Sequencing vs. Efficiency

What makes elite athletes elite?

Aaron Judge has a Problem

Trout vs. Harper: What makes Trout so good?

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