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"One of the best facilities in the country!"

"108 Performance is a great facility because of their constant pursuit of knowledge and the ability to communicate it. They are also on the cutting edge of technology and trying to find healthier and more efficient ways to train their athletes. One of the best facilities in the country!" 

          - Scott Brown, Associate Head Coach, Vanderbilt




"There is no place like this in Southern California"

"108 Performance Academy is on the cutting edge of player development and performance training. Their individualized approach for each and every player along with their training methodology provides development that blows every "cookie cutter" facility out of the water. Our players that train at 108 are developing faster and learning how to prepare, maintain and take care of their body for the long haul. The advanced training and programming 108 provides makes them amazing, but what makes them special is how much they care about their athletes. Eugene and the staff spend hours every week planning, preparing and adjusting programs to make sure every athletes individual program is on point. There is no place like this in Southern California. I would recommend 108 to any serious baseball player. You will get better."

          - Richard Mercado, Head Coach, SVC & 5 year Catcher with Arizona Diamondbacks





"The training culture of 108 is what sets it apart."

"108 Performance Academy and Coach Eugene Bleecker have been an instrumental part of the success of Saddleback Cowboys Baseball Club. From day one, the 108 program has provided consistent innovative, detailed and progressive training program for our players to grow their game. Our players have seen tremendous gains in both objective and subjective areas of their game, in large part to the progressive scientific approach to hitting/pitching mechanics and training methods. The training culture of 108 is what sets it apart. The coaching staff of 108 teaches our young men the value of preparation and attention to detail, setting the players up for success on and off the field for the long term. In addition, Coach Bleecker has shown the ability to gain the trust of the players and earn their respect, the true mark of a great coach."

          - Chris Malec, Coach at Saddleback College, 5 years with New York Yankees




Our experience with 108 Performance Academy has exceeded all our expectations as parents. Our son not only receives the most innovative up to date physical training by Coach Bleecker and all his trainers, he is also receiving the core mental advantages that help develop him in such ways we have never seen. It is like they have their own culture over there, a true and pure baseball culture that bonds these kids in such a way that they want to train harder, work harder, be better players, be better students, and best of all be better young men. Coach Bleeckers ability to communicate and identify with each and every young man in his program is truly a gift. It seems as though he his imprinting in them that are " Baseball Players" not just kids that play baseball. Every student of his that we have ever talked to,including our own son, have such confidence in the way of going about their training, their game preparation, their game performance, and their game recovery leaving them no doubts they can exceed at the next level of their game. As parents we have really come to appreciate the fact our son realizes this is his responsibility and not ours!.Coach Bleecker has the ability to extract talents from these kids that they have no idea is in them. We have experienced this first hand with our son in the facility and on the field. He trains and plays for Coach Bleecker at a level that we have never seen in any other setting. 108 Performance Academy is the perfect fit for our son because his growth and development in a healthy and safe manner are our priorities.

  • Shane & Deborah Scott


I have one son already in professional baseball and the other just committed to a major D1 school as a junior. One throws 97 mph and the other throws 100mph. None of this would have happened without 108. I can't thank them enough for their hard work but especially, their belief in my boys. My oldest son was working in my machine shop and not even playing baseball when we met Coach Bleecker. Now he pitches for the Atlanta Braves.

  • Terry Webb


I've been around baseball my whole life. I coached my son forever and i always said i would never pay for lessons, until i met Coach Bleecker. What he does is different. His understanding of how the professional swing works and how its built is unlike anything I've ever seen. This guy could teach a monkey how to hit. My son had been with 108 since he was 12 and he just committed to one of the best programs in the nation as a junior. None of that would have happened without them.

  • Greg Smith


We have been involved with 108 Performance Academy basically since its inception and have known Coach Bleecker since our son was 11 years old. Bleecker’s true strength is mentoring kids, youth to young adults. His extraordinary skill as a baseball coach and trainer is defined by a keen depth and breadth of knowledge of both the mental and physical game, on and off the field. Bleecker knows baseball and he knows kids. He can break down every aspect of the game from hitting, fielding, pitching and catching and affect small adjustments to find success and build confidence in each individual student. Eugene appreciates what each player brings to the game and works with them to maximize opportunity and broaden skill sets. He inspires the best out of each player. Bleecker’s goal is to take each athlete beyond their potential to be certain that they achieve a personal best. Eugene is tireless, intuitive and supportive - - loyal and honest. Bleecker’s passion for baseball and for what he does is infectious and energizes all who are around him.

  • Pat Flynn - Parent




108 Performance is a Baseball Research and Training Facility Located in Southern California. At the 108 Lab, we utilize the latest in sports technology to research and develop new ways to train and prepare our athletes.