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At 108 we offer the highest level of service possible for Professional and Amateur players.  We believe in testing our Athletes and designing programs based on their individual needs.

Every athlete is built differently. A sport's physical demands dictate the dimensions of the athletes who tend to succeed at it. It's rare that an atypical body shape can survive in elite competition despite built-in disadvantages. Olympic swimmers have long arms. cyclists have muscular legs. Marathoners are smaller than 800-meter runners. Rowers are tall and strong. baseball is unlike any other sport in that, regardless of body size and shape, because it is based on skill rather than athleticism, anyone can learn to become good if they work hard enough.

There's the thing, because of sports science and the natural evolution of man, athletes in general are getting bigger, faster and stronger every year. We are seeing the hardest throwing, hardest hitting baseball players of all time, right now. Regardless of what anyone tells you, scouts, college and high school coaches look for tools first. Knowing this, it is extremely important for players to understand what they specifically need to get to the next level of baseball and realize their full potential on the field.

What Next?

Generic Off-Season program they give to everyone?

Looking to make serious gains?

Group sessions not giving you what you need?

There is a huge difference between general physical fitness and specifically designing your body to achieve better on field results.  We are not body builders, marathon runners or swimmers, we are Baseball players and we need to train that way. More importantly, be understanding your own body, its physical limitations and weaknesses we can better design a program that will translate on the field.

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108 Performance is a Baseball Research and Training Facility Located in Southern California. At the 108 Lab, we utilize the latest in sports technology to research and develop new ways to train and prepare our athletes.