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ASMI is considered the leading researcher on UCL injuries in Baseball pitchers.  No one has done more research than they have although Driveline Baseball is making some HUGE strides on the development side. If you haven’t seen it already, here are some of the major risk factors they present in their positional statement on UCL injuries.


We have a problem in Baseball. Arm injuries continue to rise and Baseball players, specifically pitchers, are the worst prepared athletes to step on an athletic field.  As coaches and trainers we are solely responsible for the development, health and future of our players. 


108 Performance is a Baseball Research and Training Facility Located in Southern California. At the 108 Lab, we utilize the latest in sports technology to research and develop new ways to train and prepare our athletes.



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RT : Update: and I just taught the line dance to Copperhead Road. And it was amazing.

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An awful golfer with an awful swing and tell them to hit the ball harder + aim right and it probably won't work out to well.

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To be done BETTER. ATTACH feel, visual and auditory so the learner can understand the good vs bad and what changes…